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Professional Lawn Treatments

All of our lawn treatment plans are customized for each of the major grass types in Georgia, including Bermuda, zoysia, and fescue grasses.

Zoysia Lawn Treatment Program

Zoysia lawns are a beautiful turf type that grows almost like a carpet via rhizomes and stolons that creep out and spread. This perennial grass comes out of dormancy in the springtime usually and then eases into dormancy in the fall unless of course, you live in a warm part of the United States or the rest of the world where zoysia can stay green all year. Zoysia grasses can survive a wide range of harsh conditions and will re-grow after long periods of drought or flooding. Zoysia tends to stay dormant longer than Bermuda lawns and goes into dormancy earlier.

Zoysia is an excellent grass because it grows very thick, which is great for crowding out weeds and not letting them take root in the first place. Despite this, zoysia lawns still need an effective year-round lawn treatment program to defend it from broadleaf weeds, grassy weeds, and sedges – or they will become overrun with weeds.  Our comprehensive zoysia lawn treatment program provides the year-round weed control that zoysia grass needs.

Fescue Lawn Treatment Program

Fescue lawns are the most challenging lawn type to manage in GA for lawn treatment companies. Unlike warm season grasses like zoysia that grow and spread like a thick carpet, fescue grass blades consist of millions of individual shoots produced from seed. What does this mean? It means that weeds have an easier time infiltrating this grass type than warm season carpet-like grasses. Because of this, nearly all new construction of homes in GA get sodded with Bermuda or zoysia grass.

WinLAWN has a specially tailored 8-treatment lawn care plan for fescue grass. Throughout the year, you will see us layering in multiple rounds of pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control to kill and prevent weeds. Fescue lawns also need to be fertilized regularly for them to stay healthy. During the course of the year, our fescue customers receive many applications of both liquid and granular fertilizers that contain nitrogen and other micro-nutrients.

Bermuda Lawn Treatment Program

Bermuda grass is probably the #1 grass choice for new homes by home builders. Why is this? Bermuda sod is affordable, can be laid out super-easy like a carpet, and the grass does very well in GA. It’s known to endure a wide range of environmental conditions including wear and tear by homeowners and their children. The grass grows like zoysia, where it spreads out like and interlocked piece of carpet. This carpet-like spread is great for helping to prevent weeds naturally however it is still critical for Bermuda lawns to have a regular lawn treatment program or they will become overrun with very tough to treat grassy weeds and a wide range of broadleaf weeds.

Our Bermuda lawn care plan was designed by lawn care experts to give customers exactly what they need – affordably. Our lawn treatment plan for Bermuda lawns will defend your turf from nasty grassy weeds using the absolute best products in the industry. Any weeds you have will face many rounds of weed killers throughout the year from a diverse set of leading products that we rotate into the program. Your lawn will also see various kinds of fertilization throughout the year with liquid and granular products.

Combination Lawn Treatments

In GA, we’ve witnessed a peculiar thing. Despite technology improving, many of our competitors have increased the number of lawn treatments in their plan from 8 to 9-12 treatments. The question you have to ask yourself is – why is this the trend when they can just throw more than one thing in their spray tanks at the same time?

During the year our customers’ will see us deploying many, many rounds of combination lawn treatments in a single application – for a single price.  It would be easy for us to break these out and charge everyone for 12 applications, but that just isn’t how you operate if you’re trying to create industry-leading value – like WinLAWN is!

Lawn Treatment Advice

Our lawn care guide is loaded with all sorts of advice and research regarding all-things lawn care and lawn treatments. Research lawn treatment and lawn care advice for Bermuda, zoysia, and fescue lawns. Articles include Lawn Treatment Building Blocks and information about how lawn services only use EPA Approved Lawn Treatments.