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May 23, 2017
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May 23, 2017

Every so often, a publication comes along that is vital to the lawn care and gardening enthusiasts of this world and the National Gardening Association magazine is one of them. NGA began back in 1971 when its precursor, “Gardens for All” was founded by Lyman Wood. It evolved and became NGA, which had 250,000 subscribers in the ’80s and ’90s. The magazine was well-known for containing gardening info that was always both high-quality and cutting edge along with its many garden design innovations. In addition, NGA has been involved over the years with a number of publishers in creating 40+ gardening books that are both down-to-earth and highly inspirational for both lawn care service professionals and gardening enthusiasts.

Fast forward 20 years and NGA has progressed to the medium of the 21st century, the Internet, where their lawn care and gardening website is dedicated to providing an online resource for all gardening enthusiasts that is both educational and immersive. Their goal is helping home gardeners with their enthusiastic quest for succeeding at growing in overall knowledge, health, and environmental awareness. And, they’ve done that and then some by providing the vital info needed for getting started in the realm of lawn maintenance and gardening, as well as the growing and maintenance of sustainable landscapes and food gardens that thrive while also being environmentally responsible.

Valuable Research

The NGA website provides an extensive, user-friendly resource of gardening research, lawn care articles, community features, software tools, and all kinds of lawn maintenance and gardening information, including:

Weed Identification

This link contains a ton of info about common weeds that can be found in your lawn or garden. And, all of this coverage can help you with identification and weed control. All you need to do is click on the image of the weed you recognize, and you’ll get an in-depth concise guide that will tell you all about it, whether it’s a grassy, broadleaf or vining weed.

Weeds & Weed Control Forums & Articles

These articles and forums about weeds and how to control them seem endless, there are so many. No matter what your weed problem may be, you’re sure to find it here, and you can read about everything from killing weeds with heat to how bird feeders are contributing to the spreading of noxious weeds, as well as results from the plant database, forum, and gardening blogs.

Lawn Care Forums & Articles

If you want to learn all that you can about lawn care subjects like how to get a lawn in one day, lawn mowers, lawn and garden tractors, lawn fertilization, or removing lawn thatch, this is the place to go. There’s not much related to lawn care that is not covered here from a special new tool that can give you almost painless installation of irrigation pipes to lasagna gardening, so check it out.

Diseases & Pests

Diseases and pests are truly a pain for anybody who has a lawn and/or plants to care for. This link can help you to do that and more. The pest control library contains what they call “mug shots,” which are used for identifying your pest problems. By clicking on a name or photo, you’ll get the help you need for controlling diseases and bugs, as well as four-legged animals, birds, and even snakes.

Plant Database

Now, this is a plant database! It’s so massive that it contains 707,808 plants from 261 primary plant types, 443,150 pictures, 17,865 comments, and from 2,319 contributing members. If you have a plant that you want to identify, this is the place to do it. And, you can search for it by name, type, or by looking through the landscape photos. Members can even add pictures, too.

Plant Care Guides

For popular plants and the vital info for choosing the right ones, as well as planting and maintaining your choices, this is the perfect place to go. From perennials to herbs and fruit trees, you’ll find them all here. All you need to do is click on an image or link of your choice, and you’ll have a complete guide at your fingertips.


The NGA has been developing essays, news items, articles, tutorials, and other content for readers the years. Take a look at this section, and you’ll find it interesting, educational, inspiring, and even occasionally funny. From plants to DIY projects, book reviews and press releases, even wildlife info and educational articles for young people, it’s all here for everybody’s enjoyment and edification.

Q&A Center

This link is really special, and it allows homeowners and other gardening enthusiasts to ask questions that they post for other members to answer. The forum is a whopping 300+ pages of Q&A and includes questions in date order and members’ answers about lawn care and everything from algae to vines and even yellow daisies.

Discussion Forums

These NGA forums are a convenient way to look up a gardening issue you might be having, and it’s all organized in alphabetical order. You can also click to get advice from the NGA garden sages. From “All Things Gardening” to “Winter Sowing” in Gardening to the Plants section, where you’ll find Adeniums to Sempervivum, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for here.

Gardening Blogs

Love reading blogs? Well, this link has plenty of them. They’re listed by the date of the blogger’s last post, and some of these bloggers have hundreds of pages of blogs for you to read, all related to lawns and gardens. And, they’re also identified by zones that they live in, making it easier for you to choose bloggers closer to where you live for more concise and usable info.

So, whether you have a lawn care service to make lawn maintenance effortless or you’re a DIYer, the NGA website could be your go-to resource for all things gardening-related.