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May 23, 2017 Turf Care Research
May 23, 2017

Total Landscape Care offers comprehensive advice, tips, and research about all things landscaping and yard care. Unlike state-wide extension programs provided by universities, Total Landscape Care is a national publication available to people all over the country and the world. Owned by Randall-Reilly, a data-driven corporation that offers free industry research on agriculture, Total Landscape Care operates a free website that is full of interesting articles and newsworthy stories of events occurring in agriculture, turf care, and landscaping. The site not only offers landscape related ideas for homeowners, but they also touch on the business end of lawn care and landscaping for professional lawn services. It offers business practices, advice on breakthroughs in lawn maintenance practices, updates to laws regarding chemicals, and much more. They also provide a fantastic magazine that is available by subscription. The magazine, also titled Total Landscape Care, offers homeowners and those in the landscape and lawn care industry a monthly publication filled with articles, advice, photographs, and research in the fields of agriculture, lawn care, landscaping, and everything else you might need to know to grow a perfect green lawn and cultivate beautiful landscapes.

Lawn & Yard Care Advice

Total Landscape Care offers insights on some of the latest breakthroughs in the green industry. The information they provide applies to people on an individual level, green professionals such as lawn care companies, and professional landscapers.

Lawn Maintenance

This section of the website is dedicated specifically towards cultivating and maintaining a beautiful and healthy lawn. Articles in these pages are centered around interesting news and research in the areas of lawn care and maintenance. Whether it’s introducing a new weed control products or providing advice regarding lawn repair, these pages are loaded with the information homeowners, and yard service professionals need.

Lawn Care Doc Search

If you have any questions or want to know anything about lawn care from Total Landscape Care, this is the place to look. The search offers a whole host of helpful information on a variety of issues including lawn fertilization, aeration, weed control, and general lawn maintenance. It is useful to both homeowners as well as green professionals as it gives insights to both individual homeowners and anyone involved with grass care.

Weeds and Weed Control Doc Search

Weeds can cause a tremendous amount of frustration in lawns. Weed prevention and control is one of the most significant factors in promoting healthy turf, yet it is a constant battle for both homeowners and lawn care pros. This search offers a ton of information on all things weed killer and weed control, including identification, prevention practices, and lawn treatment practices.

Lawn and Landscape Diseases Doc Search

Disease can wreak havoc on a landscape. This search provides an abundance of information about lawn diseases and landscape diseases. It provides helpful articles regarding breakthroughs in treatment applications and practices as well as identification tips for diagnosing certain diseases. Documents and articles in this search are immensely useful in preventing, identifying, and treating conditions in lawns and landscapes for individuals as well as industry professionals.

Landscape Insects and Pest Control

Insects are a vital part of our ecosystem. Their roles in plant reproduction are critical and an important part of agriculture. Most insects present no harm to lawns and landscapes. However, there are certainly some insects and pests that must be managed. These pages offer plenty of insights on insects and pest control including identification, research, treatments, and prevention measures.

Green Industry News

While this section of Total Landscape Care is typically geared toward landscape and yard care professionals, it also offers helpful information for homeowners as well. With recent events occurring in legislation that impact green industry professionals, scientific breakthroughs in agriculture and horticulture, and other issues that impact our environment, these pages have the latest information in the industry.

2014 Chemical Guide

This guide allows users to compare chemical products for turf and ornamental landscaping needs. It includes helpful information regarding pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, pest control, lawn spraying protocols, fertilizers and pesticides, growth regulators, and more. This is a great guide to developing lawn treatment programs, based on scientific facts, that include weed control and lawn fertilization.

Chemical Care

These pages talk about the impact of using chemicals in a lawn and landscape. The articles are focused on discussing weed controls, pesticides, as well as other chemical agents applied to a landscape and the impact those chemical applications can have. It also discusses new products that are emerging and the benefits those products may have on home lawns and landscapes.


Watering needs can differ significantly from one region of the country to another. One section of a home landscape may require different irrigation needs than another. These pages offer a lot of interesting insights on different areas of irrigation and watering that may be required either on an individual level for home lawn care or a larger scale for farmers, nurseries, or other green businesses and professionals.

How-To Landscape Guides

These pages are dedicated to landscaping how-tos and are an excellent resource for yard care services. They are extremely helpful in helping to plan and maintain the best possible landscape. Articles provide interesting insights into recent trends in landscaping as well as newsworthy articles and advice about emerging products, research, and practices that are helpful to both green industry professionals as well as homeowners.

Total Landscape Care offers a different type of perspective on lawn care and maintenance. They cover the entire green industry as well as what may interest an individual homeowner who is interested in landscape maintenance. Not only is it filled with interesting articles about relevant issues in turf care, lawn maintenance, and landscaping, but it also offers professional advice for industry professionals. The Total Landscape Care Magazine offers further benefits through its subscription services and is a fantastic resource for anybody who takes care of a lawn or landscape.