Top Links – Tree & Shrub Diseases
February 3, 2016
Top Links – Lawn Pests
February 3, 2016

Our link guide provides direct access to some of the best lawn disease information sources on the internet. Search directories of lawn diseases, sites with treatment advice, and research from leading universities and other institutions.   View Link Guides

Lawn Disease Resources

APS – a variety of plant pathogen resources.

APS – illustrated glossary of plant pathology.

Clemson – provides a guide to a variety of lawn pest and disease research.

Cornell – fact sheets from their turfgrass dept about lawn diseases.

Kansas St. – large directory of lawn diseases, plant diseases and pests.

LSU – insect and disease control resources.

MSU – lawn disease guide.

NC State – research a large number of turfgrass diseases.

NC State – directory of lawn diseases.

Penn St. – a great page about managing turf diseases, disease info, etc.

Rutgers PDF – a well done research guide about all things lawn disease.

U of Arkansas – turf disease resources and research.

U Cal – lawn disease directory and informative guide.

U Cal – lawn disease guide.

UGA – directory of turfgrass diseases.

UK – lawn disease management.

U of Maryland – directory of lawn diseases.

U Mass – lawn disease research and info.

U of Missouri – directory of lawn diseases.

U of Tennessee – turf disease resource.

U of Wisconsin – turf disease research and resources.

Utah St. – common turf diseases guide.

Washington St. – directory of lawn diseases.

Damaging Lawn Diseases

Brown Patch –  APS  Clemson  Google  Google Images   NC State   Purdue  UGA  U of Maryland  Wikipedia  YouTube

Dollar Spot  APS  Google  Google Images  Penn St.  Purdue  NC State  UGA  UGA2  Walter Reeves  Wikipedia  YouTube

Fairy Rings –  Google  Google Images  Penn St.  UGA  UGA Extension  Utah St.  Walter Reeves  Walter Reeves2  YouTube

Gray Leaf Spot –  APS Journal  Clemson  Cornell PDF  Google  Google Images  PMN  U of Florida  UGA1  UGA2  U of Missouri  Wikipedia  YouTube

Large PatchAPS  Google  Google Images  U of Arkansas  U of Florida  YouTube

Lawn Rust –  Cornell  Google  Google Images  NC State  Penn St.  UGA  MU  Walter Reeves  Wikipedia (Puccinia)  Wikipedia (Rust)  YouTube

Pink Snow MoldCornell  GCSAA  Google  Google Images  NCSU  Penn St.  Purdue  Utah St.  Walter Reeves  Wikipedia  YouTube

Powdery MildewClemson  Google Images  Purdue  U Minn  Walter Reeves  Walter Reeves2  Wikipedia  YouTube

Pythium Blight / Pythium Root RotGoogle  Google Images  MU  NC State  Penn St.  U FL  UGA  Walter Reeves  Wikipedia  YouTube

Red ThreadCornell  Google  Google Images  NC State  Penn St.  Purdue  U Cal  U of Maryland  RHS  Wikipedia  YouTube

Slime Mold – Google  Google Images  Iowa State U  NC State  Penn St.  Purdue  UGA  OSU  Wikipedia  YouTube

Spring Dead  APS  Google  Google Images  NCSU  NCSU2  OSU  U Cal  UGA  Walter Reeves  Wikipedia  YouTube

Summer Patch –  Google  Google Images  NCSU  MTF  OSU  Penn St.  Purdue  U Conn  U Cal  Wikipedia  YouTube

Link Guides