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May 23, 2017
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As a turf professional or regular homeowner, you know how much information there is out there when it comes to turf care and all of its facets. Turf Magazine is the place to go for finding the best articles in the entire field all on one user-friendly website. That’s right, Turf Magazine is available, not only in print but also online for all the up-to-date articles that provide insight into the lawn care info that you always wanted. From green industry certification to the top ten apps for landscapers, you’ll find all the articles you could want on their website.

When it comes to advancing the growth, profitability, and environmental outreach of the lawn care industry, Turf Magazine provides cutting-edge info for owners of green industry companies, as well as other lawn maintenance professionals. Staying up-to-date on marketing your business, as well as technical issues within the industry, best practices, emerging trends, and much more is undoubtedly your primary goal, and that’s where Turf Magazine can be a big help.

And, best of all, Turf Magazine is a consummate industry leader, well-known for its trusted info and professional standing in all areas of lawn maintenance, fertilization, pest and weed control, and all things related to beautiful lawns and landscaping. Turf Magazine is brought to you by Grand View Media, serving numerous industries, including hunting, horticulture, and health care. The company is wholly owned by EBSCO Industries, which is a Birmingham, Alabama conglomerate that is #1 worldwide in a number of media service areas.

Valuable Research

Knowing that you can trust a website for the in-depth research that you need to run a landscaping and lawn care business effectively is crucial. Turf Magazine provides all of that and much more, including:

Industry News

Staying on top of all the current news in the lawn care and landscaping industry is an important part of your business. And, Turf Magazine has all the news that you can trust to be concise and up-to-date. From stories about how Kawasaki Motors is teaming up with professional wrestler, Steve Austin to info about significant industry organizations like the North Carolina Nursery & Landscape Association (NCNLA), this page has it all.

Lawn Care Topics

When it comes to turf care, having the know-how to keep lawn greener, as well as disease, pest, and weed-free is the key to success. This page does that, so you can be up-to-date on all the best methods for dealing with the top five worst weeds and insects that can invade lawns plus important info about pet safety, grass clippings, aeration, overseeding, pre-emergent herbicides, lawn treatments, and even articles about the anti-lawn care bill.

Weeds & Weed Control

Keeping your lawn care service customers’ yards beautiful and virtually weed-free is probably one of your top priorities, and this page can help you to do it more effectively and with less effort on the part of your turf technicians. You can get access to articles about everything weed-related, including hard-to-control weeds, superweeds, herbicide-resistant weeds, broadleaf weeds, weed killer, lawn treatments, lawn spraying techniques, and all aspects of professional weed control.

Lawn & Landscape Diseases

Even after you’ve conquered your customers’ weeds, lawn pests, and other issues, there are still those destructive lawn diseases to deal with. This page can provide all the latest info on controlling and eradicating turf and plant diseases and making those customers happy. This includes the five most common turf diseases, promoting disease resistance, and overall approaches and strategies for dealing with all kinds of insidious turf diseases.

Insects & Pest Control

Insects and pests; they’re everywhere, but they don’t belong in your yards. Right? That’s why you need to stay up-to-date on the latest methods to control them. This Turf Magazine page offers plenty of options for doing just that, from articles about the top five turf insects to the relationship between pest control and irrigation, reducing pesticide risk, controlling lawn-destroying sod webworms, and so much more.

Lawn & Landscape Maintenance

Your landscape and lawn maintenance business is inherently dependent on the quality of the lawn care service that you provide. Doing so requires a great deal of knowledge and experience in the field, and you can easily read plenty of articles that help you with that, including methods for fighting drought, preventing cold weather turf injury, safety issues, and all kinds of industry updates that can help you stay on top of it all.


This is the number one most important factor in establishing and maintaining a lush green lawn, and that’s precisely what you want for every one of your lawn care customers. So, don’t leave anything to chance. Stay up-to-date on everything related to irrigation in this section. You’ll find 76 pages jam-packed with articles from green roof irrigation to smart irrigation, container planting irrigation, and even remote irrigation management.


Landscape design and installation are the first steps to a beautiful and functional yard. This section contains not one but forty full pages of informative articles on the subject from green build guidelines to dressing up fences, watered-down landscapes and water conservation, and designing around a dogwood. You’ll even find articles about irrigation design software, and putting the “wow” factor in landscaping design.

So, armed with all of the valuable information that Turf can provide for your business, [or personally if you’re just a lawn and landscaping enthusiast], you can surely green up those lawns considerably and defend them against every pest, drought, insect, or disease that comes your way. Don’t let any of them get the better of you when you don’t have to with easy access to all of the up-to-the-minute advancements in the lawn care industry at your fingertips.