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May 23, 2017
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May 23, 2017

As we turn into a more global society, we are able to connect with people all over the world simply with a few keystrokes. Information can be shared instantly with people not just across the city or state or even country–it can be shared instantly with people on the other side of the globe. This instant access to information has forged new ways of doing things from business practices to cooking meals and yes, even to maintaining a beautiful and healthy green lawn. With innovations in just about every field, we are becoming more socially responsible, and it is translating through the ways we engage in weed control, lawn fertilization, and other chemical-heavy activities. As recently as a few decades ago, we were a society who thought little of our environmental footprint. Turf care was less about conservation of resources than about a cornucopia of practices that required a lot of resources including fossil fuels and water. In today’s society, innovations in lawn care mean doing more with less. The University of Illinois Extension focuses on bringing the tools necessary for lawn services, students, scientists, and regular people all across the globe to develop greener lawn and garden practices.

About the University of Illinois Extension Program

The Great Lakes region of the United States presents some unique lawn maintenance challenges. The high humidity and extreme temperatures mean hot, damp summers coupled with frigid winters with a lot of moisture. The University of Illinois Extension program offers educational resources to people all across the state of Illinois with its core centered around the Champagne-Urbana campus. Unlike most extension programs, the U of I extension program offers some college credits for specific programs.

The extension program is able to utilize research-based knowledge from land-grant universities all across the country. The innovation that allows us all to communicate with others all across the world with a few keystrokes allows the U of I extension program experts to connect with other programs all across the country. The sharing of knowledge and resources aids in providing the most accurate, reliable, and up-to-date information within their pages.

Lawn Care Research

The University of Illinois Extension Program pages are loaded with insights to gardening, landscaping, continuing education, and community research and youth programs with the intent of bettering people’s lives throughout Illinois and across the country.

Yard Pests

The U of I Extension Program is a part of the Integrated Pest Management for Schools program and has recently been extended into yard care. These pages show how to reduce pesticide usage while utilizing other means of pest control for buildings, homes, and turf. The University of Illinois signed onto the Illinois Sustainable University Compact.

Turf Insects and Diseases

In these pages, you will find some of the most significant causes of turfgrass diseases and insect infestations. This page provides direct links to information about turf insects, turfgrass diseases, pest control, and lawn treatments. Each photo on this page connects to a more in-depth discussion of the four categories.

Lawn Talk

Down-to-earth and real solutions are explored within these pages for some common topics relating to lawn care. Before you invest in hiring a yard care service to maintain your lawn, check out these pages which link to more in-depth information about selecting grasses, planting and maintenance, weeds control, and other lawn care issues.

Tree Selection

Selecting trees for your home and landscape needs can be a daunting task–especially trying to differentiate between different varieties and their foliage and the different issues each species presents. These pages allow users to search trees, pests and problems, trees by size, trees by tolerance, trees by exposure, and trees by use to find the right tree for your particular landscape.

Shrub Selection

Just like selecting trees, selecting the right shrubs for your landscape can be overwhelming with so many varieties to choose from. These pages offer the same amenities the tree-selection pages do with information about the site, a shrub search, pests and problems, shrubs by size, shrubs by tolerance, shrubs by exposure, and shrubs by use.

Bug Directory

Trying to identify insects in your area may require a bit of a resource guide, as well. These pages offer a bug identification guide to allow users to determine if a particular bug is beneficial to the landscape or if it is a pest. These pages allow you to search by insect name, insect location, credits, and photos of specific insects that may or may not be residing in your lawn and garden.

Ground Cover Directory and Advice

Turfgrass is the most common type of ground cover. Yet at times, certain conditions prevent turfgrass from being sustainable, and in these cases, other forms of ground cover may be called in to make an outdoor space look beautiful. These pages are dedicated to discussion about ground cover, care and maintenance, ground cover tips, and a directory of ground covers.

Wildflower and Weed Directory

Do you know the difference between wildflowers and weeds? Most people would say yes, but when presented with them, weeds may often be disguised as a pretty wildflower. These U of I Extension pages offer a directory of wildflowers including an introduction, native plants, wildflower habitats, obtaining plants and seeds, and an advanced search. Users can click on photos to learn more about specific wildflowers as well as weeds that are common throughout the state.

Lawn FAQs

The University of Illinois Extension Program pages devotes a whole section to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding lawn care and maintenance. It includes a wealth of information about grubs, fertilizing, and winter prep advice as well as links to Lawn Talk pages which can offer other solutions to lawn care problems.

Whether you utilize a lawn care pro to maintain your lawn and garden, or you are more of a DIY-er, these pages on the University of Illinois Extension Program site offer a whole breadth of knowledge by experts and professionals. Sustainability is one of the most common trends among all of these pages bringing innovation and conservation into the forefront while still providing learning resources and information.