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May 25, 2017
Lawn Mowing Tips & Advice
June 1, 2017

When it comes to creating a gorgeous green lawn or garden, there are no hard and fast rules. Recommended techniques can vary greatly, depending on where you are in the country. Georgia, for example, is lucky enough to have a nurturing climate, with lots of sunshine and humidity. It makes growing beautiful lawns and plants relatively easy, particularly if you opt for native species.

On the other hand, raising a lush, green lawn takes work, no matter what the weather. You’ve got to mow, fertilize, apply weed control, and water at just the right times. This is why many homeowners choose to hire a lawn care service. With the help of a skilled team, keeping a healthy garden is simple. If you combine this help with information from the UGA Extension Program, you’ll be gardening and performing lawn maintenance like a pro in no time.

About the UGA Extension Program

The University of Georgia Extension Program is part of a nationwide network of community-led organizations. Collectively, they aim to teach people about the land, with a focus on agriculture, landscaping, lawn care, and horticulture. As the extensions are regionally oriented, the Georgia Program provides a wealth of information on the state climate, soil types, native species, invasive species, pest control measures, lawn care, and much more.

It is a superb resource for anybody trying to raise a lawn or garden. There are detailed guides on everything from common grass diseases, turf care practices, and pruning ornamental plants. All of the information has been sourced from scientific research conducted at the University of Georgia and other learning institutions. It is easy to access, freely available to all, and it can help you get the beautiful, green lawn you’ve always wanted.

Lawn Maintenance Research

Lawn Care Doc Search

This document search page provides a wide array of lawn care related research and content that can be valuable to homeowners, yard services, and turf care professionals. Research information about lawn aerations, spraying protocols, fertilization, weed control, lawn repair, and more.

Lawn Weeds & Weed Control

This page offers advice on the most effective forms of weed control. It focuses on common weed species like crabgrass, chickweed, henbit, and pigweed. If you need help identifying a specific lawn weed (native or invasive), it is an excellent place to start. There is also a detailed section on lawn treatments and herbicide recommendations to help you pick the right weed killer.

Weeds Publications

If you already know what you’re looking for, head over to this search results page for all things weeds and weed control. Here, you’ll find a large variety of documents, journals, and articles in the UGA database. From this search interface, you can narrow your search down further to research specific weeds, herbicides, lawn spraying protocols, and more.

Turfgrass Diseases

The page for lawn diseases is a great place to source practical tips on turf care. Whether you’re growing ryegrass, fescue, or St Augustine, it’s essential to know how to protect it from pathogens. Here, you’ll find a detailed breakdown of each lawn disease. Learn about its symptoms, preferred conditions, and the best ways to avoid it. There are color photographs of each disease so that you can see what it looks like. If you suspect that your grass is suffering from one of the problems listed, compare the images to the damage in your garden. Once you have identified the disease, you can try to treat it yourself using lawn treatment products available at hardware stores, or you can consult with a licensed lawn service about the best lawn treatment options.

Plant Pests

It’s not just lawn diseases that can stop grass from growing lush and green. There are a number of pests that prey on southern turfgrasses. This page is a veritable library of information on common pests, where to find them, and how to implement proper pest control initiatives. Browse the publications for guides on everything from armyworms to aphids, beetles, and lace bugs.

Turfgrass Info

The Turfgrass page is a concise guide to common species and their preferred conditions. If you want to know which grasses are a good fit for your garden, this is the place to look. It is designed to be a ‘jump off’ page, to identify the information that you need and follow the relevant links to more detailed guides.

Understanding Fertilization

This section contains a turf care PDF guide to successful lawn fertilization. It covers optimal amounts, how to select the right type of fertilizer, and when to apply these products for maximum effect. The focus is on identifying specific soil deficiencies so that you can determine what a lawn needs to flourish.

Lawn Maintenance Publications

Here, you’ll find an informative list of articles and journals on the subject of lawn maintenance. They cover a broad range of topics, from disease management to composting, controlling the spread of moss, and raising various types of native grass. The information on sustainable irrigation is particularly important for those living in drier areas of the state.

Best Landscape Management Publications

For a comprehensive guide to landscaping, consult this section of the UGA website. It takes a broader perspective and provides a wealth of insights on how to start a garden, as well as how to sustain one. There is a particular focus on creating flowerbeds and giving young plants and seeds the right start, in healthy, nourishing soils. There is a step by step guide to planting woody ornamentals and herbaceous perennials. If you browse to the bottom section of the page, there are practical tips on fertilization and watering. This is a great resource for anybody working on residential projects with a landscaping and lawn care service.

Publications Research

The Publications page is another resource designed to make finding information more accessible. The UGA Extension Program has published an enormous amount of educational literature relating to yard and grass care that is of great value to lawn pros and property owners. If you know what to look for, you can use this search tool for quick indexing. Just type a keyword or phrase in the box or browse lists of subjects, authors, and scientific departments.

YouTube Videos

The UGA Extension Program also hosts its own YouTube channel. It contains a varied selection of clips, including espalier demonstrations, pest guides, veggie growing tips, discussions with farmers, and much more. Not only is it a superb educational resource for gardeners, but it’s also a great way to learn about what makes the state great.

Center for Urban Agriculture

At the University of Georgia, on the Griffin Campus, there are two community gardens. They are operated by the Center for Urban Agriculture which is, itself, supported by the UGA Extension Program. These gardens are open to the general public and regularly host educational events and workshops. This page is the place to be if you want to find out more about the gardens or the community work which the Center carries out. Click through to the website for a list of upcoming events, photographs of the gardens, information on water conservation, and other topics. It’s a fantastic opportunity to get involved with hands-on, grassroots activities.

Georgia Turf Microsite

This final section takes you to a comprehensive microsite on irrigation for southern turfgrasses. There is a lot of information on this site, so use the index to locate the chapters you need. The guide focuses on sustainable irrigation practices. It is an extremely valuable resource for larger projects like golf courses and sports pitches.

Also, view our UGA Lawn Diseases page that provides links to specific lawn disease info.