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May 23, 2017
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May 23, 2017

Lawn care, gardening, and farming today are very different than they were even twenty years ago. In today’s global society, we are constantly looking for better ways to do more with less. To put it plainly, we want to be able to grow greener lawns, more beautiful gardens, and more bountiful farmlands with fewer resources. Water conservation is a huge priority, as is limiting the amount of chemicals we apply to plants. Newer hybrids of plants make them more drought-resistant while still allowing for size and quantity in many cases. The University of Kentucky’s College of Agriculture encompasses all of the values that consumers are looking for today and more.

The University of Kentucky offers extension programs to residents of the state, but anybody can use their website at any time. Their resources offer lawn services and ordinary citizens a trove of lawn maintenance related research. The goals of the extension programs are to educate the public on the responsible use of resources while helping to teach them about plant sciences in all of their forms. They work through land grants on both private and public lands throughout the state. The turfgrass program is of particular interest to homeowners, yard services, and other turf care pros as the science and research that is conducted there is valuable to anybody trying to create beautiful, weed-free, and green lawns. Combined with the College of Agriculture, Food, and Environment, Entomology, and Weed Science, homeowners can utilize the research and education from the University of Kentucky to make their lawns the best in the neighborhood.

Valuable Lawn Care Research

The University of Kentucky’s Turf program uses the Spindletop Research Farm in Fayette County for much of their program. The farm is situated on 27 acres of land where turf is maintained for research purposes where results are distributed to support lawn care companies, the scientific community, and the general public. This farm enables them to research all sorts of focus areas including lawn fertilization, weed control, aeration, pest control, and disease management. Much of that turf care related research can be found right here in the following pages:

Lawn Care Topics and Tips

These pages are dedicated to topics and tips specifically for the purposes of educating about lawn maintenance. Here you can gather insights for your lawn care needs on getting your turf established, fertilizing your grass, mowing your lawn, pest management (which includes information about insects, weeds, and diseases), lawn spraying, and other miscellaneous topics you might want to read up on when it comes to caring for your landscape.

Turf Diseases

In Kentucky, two different issues are responsible for diseases in grass–fungus and nematodes. Often, homeowners think disease is the most significant contributing factor to dead and dying grass when it often doesn’t play any role. Use this website search to dig through a wide variety of lawn diseases.

Tree and Shrub Diseases

Identifying and diagnosing tree and shrub diseases is as much of an art as it is a science. This website search provides results for some of the most common diseases in trees and shrubs. Find documents about leaf spots, leaf blights, rusts, powdery mildew, leaf gall disease, root rot, stem rot/stem blight, cankers, vascular wilt diseases, bacteria, viruses, and nematodes.

Lawn Care Search

This custom search of the University of Kentucky website returns a large number of lawn care related pages and research. The results cover nearly every topic pertaining to lawn maintenance and grass care with the top results being top channels in their website. A considerable number of expert lawn care articles will help you research and understand your specific turfgrass topic.

Weeds and Weed Control Search

This page provides weeds and weed control related search results from the University of Kentucky website. Whether weeds are an issue in your turf, flowerbeds, vegetable garden, or among sidewalk cracks, a vast number of related articles and research entries from the UK website can help you combat these pesky invaders.

Weeds Directory

The University of Kentucky College of Agriculture, Food, and Environment has put together a helpful database of common weeds found in Kentucky. Users can search by common weed names by clicking on the link to learn more about a particular type of weed. Information contained in these pages can be used by lawn services and homeowners to identify the common name, Latin name, and photographs of the weeds. Ii then recommends the best weed control options to treat the lawn.

Pest Info and Guides

Use these pages to help identify insects and other creepy-crawlies in and around your home. The information in these pages gives a field crop insect-pest calendar for Kentucky, Fruit insect-pest calendar, vegetable insect-pest calendar, landscape insect-pest calendar, livestock insect-pest calendar, home and health pests, and miscellaneous bugs with detailed information provided in each category about specific insects.

Insect Guide

The University of Kentucky Entomology department extension pages have put together information about insects, spiders, and their relatives called the Kentucky Critter Files. You can use the information contained in these pages to read up on some of the insects commonly found within the state as well as whether they are harmful and control measures to help keep them contained.

Golf Turf Management

Most homeowners idealize golf courses as having the perfect turf. The truth is, many of them do! Whether you are a homeowner who is looking to use some golf course tips and tricks on your grass or a lawn care pro who is wanting information and valuable research on caring for golf turf, the University of Kentucky Golf Turf Management pages has tips and recommendations. Topics include establishment/overseeding, pest management, lawn treatments, and miscellaneous categories.

Sports Turf Maintenance

Here you can find a wealth of information on tips and recommendations for maintaining sports turf. The main topics include lawn repair, establishment and overseeding, maintenance programs, pest management, and miscellaneous. There are also dozens of sub-categories to learn about many of the common issues and professional tips for maintaining sports turf.

The University of Kentucky’s College of Agriculture, Food, and Environment is committed to helping people grow all types of plants. The commitment to educational opportunities and research makes them a truly valuable resource in the community.